Old Testament Jewish Holidays

Biblical Name Date(s) Jewish Name Pronunciation

Day of Passover

Day of Preparation
(the Preparation (Day))

Nisan 14

Yom Pesach
(Day of Passover)
Yom Kuwn
(Day of Preparation)

yohm PAY-sahk

yohm KOON

Feast of Passover

Feast of Unleavened Bread

Nisan 15–21

Hag Pesach
(Feast of Passover)
Hag Matzot
(Feast of Unleavened Bread)

hahg PAY-sahk

hahg MAHT-zoht

Day of Firstfruits of
Barley Harvest

Nisan 16

Yom Bikkurim
(Day of Firstfruits)

yohm BIKK-urr-imm

Feast of Pentecost

Feast of Weeks

Feast of Harvest

Day of Firstfruits of
Wheat Harvest

Sivan 6

Hag Pentecost
(Feast of Fiftieth)
Hag Shavuot
(Feast of Weeks)
Hag Katzir
(Feast of Harvest)
Yom Bikkurim
(Day of Firstfruits)

hahg PENN-ti-cawst

hahg shah-VOO-oht

hahg KAHT-zirr

yohm BIKK-urr-imm

Day of Trumpets

Tishri 1

Yom Teruah
(Day of Trumpet Blowing)
Rosh Hashanah
(Head of the Year)

yohm ti-ROO-ah

rohsh hah-SHAH-nah

Day of Atonement

Tishri 10

Yom Kippur
(Day of Atonement)

yohm kipp-PURR

Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Booths

Feast of Ingathering

Tishri 15–22

Hag Sukkot
(Feast of Tabernacles)
Hag Sukkot
(Feast of Booths)
Hag Asif
(Feast of Ingathering)

hahg soo-KOHT

hahg soo-KOHT

hahg ah-SEEF

Feast of the Dedication

Chislev 25–
Tebeth 2

Hag Hanukkah
(Feast of the Dedication)
Hag Maor
(Feast of Lights)

hahg HAH-noo-kah

hahg mah-OHR

Feast of Purim

Adar 14–15

Hag Purim
(Feast of Lots)

hahg PURR-imm

ha – the hag – feast yom – day
-ah (singular ending) -ot(h) (plural ending)
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