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Welcome to the Batavia Christian Center / Matthew Norville Ministries web site! Batavia Christian Center / Matthew Norville Ministries is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church founded in June of 1988 in Batavia, Illinois, United States of America. (Batavia is a city 60 kilometers west of the city of Chicago.)

This website is primarily a teaching website. It is secondarily a means to disperse information about the church and its ministers. It is tertiarily a way to provide contact information so that we can be contacted with questions, prayer requests, offerings, etc.

On this website you will find a few links to other websites. These links are meant to provide helpful information to enhance your life and further your knowledge of God's Word. It is to be understood that not all of the information on the linked websites is Biblically correct—even though it may claim to be. However, much of the information is very helpful and easy to use to find things in the Bible, and in the studying of God's Word.

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Wallbuilders (David Barton – Christian Historian)

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Passion Week Calendar

What are the “Days of Unleavened Bread?”

Old Testament Jewish Holidays

Jewish Months

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The Easter Sunday Story

“Today is the Third Day Since These Things were Done” (Luke 24:21)

The Christmas Story

What is a Christian?

How Does a Person Become a Christian?

What is a Bible-believing Christian?

What is Baptism?

What is a Cult?

What is Sin?

What is Fornication?

Is it a Sin to Have a Tattoo?

What is Hell?

Is Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

What is Being Filled with the Holy Spirit?

What is the Ministry?

What is a Pastor?

Can a Woman be a Pastor?

What Does “Church” Mean?

What is a Denomination?

When Does a Person Become an Adult?

What is “the Age of Accountability?”

How Old Can a Christian Live to Be?

What is Young? What is Old?

Should Christians Fundraise?

Is Abortion Always Murder?

What's the Deal with Transgenderism?

How Did the Races and Languages Come to Be?

Raised From the Dead and Resurrected

Christian Dating

The Five God-Man Covenants of the Bible

The Six Fundamental Doctrines of Christianity

The Twelve Sons of Jacob (Israel) in Birth Order

The Ten Plagues of Egypt in 1445 B.C.

The Ten Commandments

The Twelve Original Apostles

The Twelve Apostles of the Lamb

Biblical Definitions

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How Does a Person Get Filled with the Holy Spirit?

What is Speaking in Tongues?

What is a Minister?

What is Heaven?

Should Christians be Foster Parents?

Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go, and When He is Old, He Will Not Depart From It

Are the Jews Still God's Chosen People?

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